Session 98/99

PQs: 241

EDMS signed: 131

EDMS tabled: 7

Petitions: 1 (Rural Road Hauliers)

Contributions to debates: 8

Bills presented: Cancer Care. 14.04.1999

%age of divisions participated in: 77%

contributions to Standing Committees,

Delegated Legislation

Agriculture Select Committee (97 to 01)


 SESSION 98/99

PMQs 26/05/1999: Cancer Care

PMQs 15/12/99: Ireland

(last question to the Prime Minister in the 20th Century)


Specified Risk Material (Enforcement) 25/11/99

Business of the House - London Mayor 25/11/99

Wednesday adjournment debate on the National Institute for Clinical Excellence and the rationing of health care.  10/11/99


Beef Exports 14/7/99

Cancer Care. Motion for leave to introduce a Bill. Agreed to on question. Presentation and first reading (Bill 82 1998/99). To be read a second time on 30 April 14.04.1999

Question after statement on access to the countryside. 8/3/99

Queens speech debate (sixth day) on the economy. 01.12.1998

Question after statement on the outcome of the European Union Agriculture Council held on 23 and 24 November.     25.11.1998






            SLAUGHTER OF GORILLAS IN CONGO           10.11.99         



            That this House totally condemns the senseless massacre of animals in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park in Congo by Interahamwe militia who have killed one-third of the tiny population of gorillas, including some that starred in the film Gorillas in the Mist and the world renowned Maheshe; applauds the wardens, some of whom have not been paid in years and have been reduced to patrolling 10 per cent. of the park due to the murderous soldiers; thanks the camera crews of the BCC and other journalists for their bravery in highlighting the issue; and calls upon the Government to urgently enter into a dialogue with the Congo authorities to save the remaining gorillas and protect the local civilians.      


EDM 831   



 That this House congratulates the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Cancer Research Campaign and the Ludwig Institute for backing the development of a vaccine against the human papilloma virus to protect women against cervical cancer that affects 4,000 women and causes 1,600 deaths every year; supports the clinical trials in Manchester and thanks the 30 volunteers and scientists involved in the trials; and hopes that a vaccine will be available to women within the next 10 years.


EDM 793   



 That this House urges businesses to develop environmental management systems in accordance with the international standard ISO 14000, improve their operations and procedures by reducing waste, energy use, emissions and pollution, manage resources in a holistic and sensitive way, publish and monitor environmental targets and actual performance in their annual reports, strive to achieve environmental goals by encouraging employee participation, minimise bureaucracy through clear, simple and effective procedures and encourage customers and suppliers to introduce compatible environmental management systems; and congratulates those businesses already committed to environmental improvements.


EDM 752   



 That this House congratulates MacMillan Cancer Relief on the launch of A Voice for Life cancer campaign which aims to bring new hope to cancer patients and their relatives and break down the fear and misunderstanding about cancer; urges honourable Members to support the campaign locally and nationally; asks the Government to continue to support this initiative; and thanks MacMillan for its wonderful work.


EDM 602   



 That this House recognises that Britain has some of the world's finest cancer care centres, run by dedicated medical professionals, but notes that it has one of the highest mortality rates in the world with 160,000 people dying from the disease each year and that it will increase over the next 20 years to affect 50 per cent. of the population; calls upon the Government to fund the compilation of a dedicated Internet directory that identifies cancer care centres across the country, their location, quality of performance, patient satisfaction ratings, clinical trial results, areas of greatest need, current information on individual strains of cancers, details of expected treatments for patients and medical professionals, improvement action plans and points of contact; asks that the Secretary of State for Health regularly reviews the directory, maintains and evaluates the information and insures that the NHS Direct service has easy access to the directory; notes that such a directory is supported by many cancer charities including Macmillan Cancer Relief, Cancer Research Campaign, Cancer Bacup, Marie Curie, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Sargent, Royal Marsden Hospital and the institute of Cancer Research; and welcomes the recent Government announcement of lottery money for cancer care services, but urges further resources to improve cancer care.



EDM 588   

 JILL DANDO 27.04.99


 That this House condemns the tragic and horrific murder of Jill Dando, the BBC presenter who was known to millions of people for presenting Breakfast News, the Holiday Programme and Crimewatch UK, who loved Weston-Super-Mare and the South West and who conveyed such enthusiasm and professionalism in her career; remembers that BBC Crimewatch UK has helped bring hundreds of criminals to justice and the part she played in its success; congratulates her for bringing alive to viewers news stories and holiday reports in a friendly, sparkling and humorous way; sends sincere condolences and sympathy to Alan Farthing, her family and friends; and urges the Home Secretary to press the police for action to catch the perpetrator.


EDM 480   



 That this House celebrates the nine hundredth anniversary this year of Westminster Hall, which is the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster and occupies the site of the old royal palace, built around 1099 by William Rufus; notes that it is also the six hundredth anniversary of the rebuilding of the Hall by Richard II in 1399 to become one of the largest ancient buildings in Europe; remembers that it was 350 years ago that the Hall held the state trial of Charles I; notes that the Hall throughout the ages has held a special place in the heart of British democracy, playing host to the law courts, great state ceremonies and coronation feasts; and thanks all the staff at the Palace of Westminster who have maintained and looked after the Hall down the years.




9/3/99 Rural Road Hauliers

10.1 pm

Mr. Paul Marsden (Shrewsbury and Atcham): I wish to present a petition, which I strongly support, on behalf of Mr. J. G. Jordan and 156 other rural road hauliers from in and around Shrewsbury and Shropshire. While greatly appreciating the general help that my right hon. Friend the Chancellor has given road hauliers today in his Budget, the petitioners request:

That the House of Commons recognise that rural road hauliers are especially disadvantaged as the Government strives to meet its environmental targets and as such they should receive a fair package of financial support.

And the Petitioners remain, etc.

To lie upon the Table.

9 Mar 1999 : Column 270


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