Declarations of Interest


Paul Marsden was one of a minority of MPs who was declared by Sir Thomas Legg to have "no issues" (page 162) regarding expenses. This was parliamentary speak for Sir Thomas had checked his claims thoroughly and had been satisfied that they were clearly within the rules and acceptable. 

Paul Marsden followed The Green Book rules throughout his parliamentary career.

Foreign Trips

All foreign trips that Paul Marsden undertook as an MP were correctly registered. No donations were ever solicited or accepted.

Brussels, Belgium - Regularly travelled between 1997 and 2001 as a member of the Agriculture Select Committee, to meet the EU Commissioner, EU officials and MEPs. All expenses paid by the Select Committee budget.

Romania - Travelled in 1998 as part of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme with the Royal Marines in 1998. All expenses paid by the AFPS budget.

New York, USA - Travelled in 2001 to lay a Union Flag at the site of Ground Zero in remembrance of the victims of 9/11 and to give a series of speeches (without fees). All expenses kindly paid by the Lib Dems and personally.

Pakistan/Afghan Border - Travelled in 2001 to highlight the refugees fleeing the war in Afghanistan and negotiated out two British journalists. All expenses paid personally.

Malawi and South Africa - Travelled in 2002 to highlight the southern African famine. All expenses kindly paid by the Lib Dems and personally.

Geneva, Switzerland - Travelled in 2003 to meet WTO officials to lobby for increased aid to developing nations including Malawi. All expenses paid personally.

USA - Travelled in 2004 to support the John Kerry Presidential campaign. Annual leave taken and all expenses paid personally.

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