Session 97/98

The first days, weeks and months for a new MP are very difficult trying to understand the unique ways of the House. It was especially difficult for Paul Marsden as he was also caring for his sick wife over many months.

PQs: 107

EDMS signed: 68

EDMS tabled: 3

Petitions: 0

Contributions to debates: 5

Bills presented: 0

%age of divisions participated in: 83%

Contributions to Standing Committees,

Delegated Legislation

Membership of the Pesticides Bill committee





Beef Industry 14/7/98

Debate on motion to take note of EC Document 7073/98 relating to reform of the Common Market Organisations for beef, cereals and milk and for the development of rural...     21.05.1998

Adjournment debate on the Livestock Industry 18/02/98

Beef Bones Regulations 10/2/98

Maiden Speech - Spring recess motion speech on small businesses and farming.     21.05.97



EDM 1493   



 That this House congratulates the England football team on an outstanding performance against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup; believes Michael Owen's goal was the goal of the tournament; recognises that England held out for over an hour reduced to 10 men against one of the best teams in the world; believes that Glenn Hoddle's team of David Seaman, Gary Neville, Tony Adams, Sol Campbell, Darren Anderton, Paul Ince, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Graham Le Saux, Alan Shearer, Michael Owen and the substitues David Barry, Paul Merson and Gareth Southgate displayed the finest footballing skills and demonstrated the indomitable spirit that is an example to everyone; and wishes all the home countries the best of luck in the next European Championship.


EDM 807   



 That this House believes that rural areas need to be represented by one Ministry, to ensure an integrated rural policy is developed which recognises the special needs and problems of rural communities, including social-economic factors such as the lack of public transport and employment opportunities, the reduction of rural schools, shops, post offices and railway stations over the years, the need for investment in countryside and environmental management and support for agriculture and ancillary industries; and notes the Agriculture Committee's Report on the MAFF/Intervention Board Departmental Report (HC 310 of Session 1997-98) which recommends that a new reformed MAFF become responsible for rural affairs.


EDM 754   



 That this House is deeply concerned by the Court Service's proposal to close the Shrewsbury County Court which would leave the county town of Shropshire without a county court, would force hundreds of local people from a large rural area including clients, solicitors and judges since there is a high volume of work undertaken in Shrewsbury; believes closures would fail to save money; and urges the Government to reject this proposal and look at improving all court facilities in Shrewsbury.




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